What Causes A Tornado?

Homes built in Okeechobee are generally designed to withstand the winds caused by a tornado. We all know that tornadoes are hazardous and completely unpredictable. If you’re in the vicinity of a tornado, seek shelter immediately.

What Causes A Tornado?

The majority of tornadoes occur when warm, humid air close to ground level is escalated by cooler air, forming a vortex or funnel. In Okeechobee, we’ve noticed that the most likely time of an occurance is in the spring time during the months of April, May, and June. Out of all the states in the USA, Florida is ranked #3 for number of tornadoes tracked. Very fortunately for us, they are usually not as devastating as the ones that we see on TV, recorded in the Midwest. Most tornadoes are tracked windspeeds at 110mph or less.

Most Vulnerable Places To Be During A Tornado

  • Car
  • Mobile Home
  • Open Country
  • Apartment buildings and Shopping Malls
  • Schools

So How Can We Reduce The Risk Of Being Injured?

Take shelter in a community building, underground storm cellar, or other shelter that you may own. Generally, Okeechobee emergency management shelters are not opened unless a tornado has touched the ground because the life of a tornado here is very short. If you don’t have time to reach a shelter, pay attention to the section called ‘Most Vulnerable Places To Be During A Tornado’ and stay out of those 5 areas.

Pay attention to national weather service alerts. If there is a severe thunderstorm, chances are that the conditions may be perfect for a tornado.


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